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Glendale Public School Staff 2020 - 2021

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Mr. T. Wallace - Principal

Mrs. S. Csikos - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. K. Jolliffe - Early Learning Teacher

Mrs. J. Nowicki - Designated Early Childcare Educator

Mrs. J. Thomson- Early Learning Teacher

Mrs. L. Climenhage -Designated Early Childcare Educator

Mrs. A. Sheridan - Grade 1/2

Mrs. J. Caron - Grade 2/3

Mr. L'Ecuyer- Grade 3/4

Mr. M. Winskill -Grade 4/5

Mr. P. Neuman- Grade 6

Mrs. E Schooley- Grade 7

Ms. M. Doan- Grade 8

Mrs. V. Anderson- French

Mrs. K. VanKralingen - Learning Resource Teacher

Mrs. B. Perry - Rotary Coverage/Librarian

Mr. J. Eckhardt- Instructional Coach

Miss J. Wilson- Educational Assistant

Mrs. D. Curran- Educational Assistant

Miss T. Detlor- Educational Assistant

Mr. N. Barber-Educational Assistant

Mrs. A. Hamilton - Youth Counsellor

Mrs. Pat Cormier- Head Custodian

Relief- Assistant Custodian)

Relief- Assistant Custodian

Mrs. C. Haitos - Yard Supervisor

Miss J. Lea -Yard Supervisor

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