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Important Dates

EQAO Dates:

May 19,20,24,25 - Language Assessments

May 27,31, June1,2 - Mathematics Assessments

May 19 – Boston Pizza Day (last day to order Pitas for May 26)

May 23 – Victoria Day

May 24 – 7/8’s to Binbrook Conservation Area

May 26 – Pita Day (last day to order BP for June 2)

May 27 – KDG1 off to Butterfly Conservatory

May 27 – Jump Rope for Heart

Welcome to Glendale Public School

May 2022 Newsletter


Taken from Wikipedia: “The griffin or gryphon is a legendary creature with the body of a LION and the head and wings of an EAGLE. As the lion was traditionally considered the King Of The Beasts and the eagle was the King Of The Birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin was also thought of as king of the creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.”

An eagle is a strong, powerful, proud bird.  It uses its keen senses to help it survive.  It does not look for trouble or danger.  It is generally a symbol of freedom and strength. A lion is a strong, powerful, proud animal.  It uses its keen senses to help it survive.  Lions live quietly in “prides” working and sharing for the protection and survival of each other. A griffin is a creature that combines all of these fine traits.

At Glendale Public School, we believe our Griffins are proud, brave, caring, sharing, protective, strong, hard-working team players.  Our Griffins are free and proud individuals who value others at our school, in our community and throughout our world.


Our Grade 3 and 6 students will be taking part in EQAO sessions during May and June this year. We have listed the dates of the sessions on the right, in the section "Important Dates". Please try to minimize appointments during these times if it is possible. This allows the students to complete the sections at the same time as their classmates. The traditional format that you may remember, is no longer what our students will see. This year, the students will take part in the assessment in an electronic, on-line format, using our school Chrome books. We will begin with some practice sessions so that students are familiar with the format, the help tools and the way to answer questions. Following the practice session, they will take part in 4 sessions each of Language and Mathematics. Each one is approximately 30 minutes long. There is a very good 7 minute video for parents on the EQAO website that you can view. This was sent home through school messenger in the first week of May.


Summer Learning Opportunities

The DSBN has released the registrations for Summer Learning Sessions for this July. Please see the link below for the list of courses and the registration deadlines. There courses are for students in Grades 4 to 8.

Summer School Registrations Information


Extra! Extra! The 2022-23 DSBN Elementary Calendar is Released

For those of you who might be planning events for the family for next year, DSBN has released the school year calendar for the coming school year. It will be posted here for the next couple of months, but we encourage you to print a copy for the fridge, so it is readily available.

Elementary DSBN Calendar for 2022 23


Each year our dedicated parent community shows its generous support for our students. Whether through bake sales, clothing and food drives or larger gifts to support important programs for which we receive no provincial funding, we are fortunate to have such an engaged group of energetic school supporters.

We are a school that supports the use of technology to learn, communicate and now, to make things easier for our generous supporters by accepting online donations. The District School Board of Niagara is partnering with CanadaHelps to provide the community with a safe, secure online portal to donate to Niagara’s public schools. By donating through this portal, you will automatically receive a charitable donation tax receipt through email.

Using this portal, parents and community members can donate to our school’s general fund, which will go to support things such as our nutrition programs, field trips or other extracurricular experiences. There may be times when our school fundraises to support bigger ticket items such as playground equipment or a school sign. You would be able to support those initiatives by selecting our capital fund.

Accessing this portal is quick and easy. Simply visit our school website and click on the “Support Your School” link on the right hand navigation pane. It will take you to our donations page where you will find additional information about the process and a link to our customized site on CanadaHelps. Here you can direct your donation to a general or specific fund, make your donation via credit card, and instantly receive a confirmation and charitable donation tax receipt.

For those who would prefer to continue donating as you have in the past, we are pleased to accept donations at the school. Please note that we will only be able to issue charitable donation tax receipts for contributions of $25.00 or more.

If you have any questions about this new process, please feel free to contact me at the school at 905-735-5213. Thanks for your continued support of Glendale students!


Todd Acaster