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Important Dates

Dec 1-2 - Christmas Store

Dec. 2 - Big Reds fund-raiser closes

Dec. 5 - Fr. Immersion Information Night at Gordon School

Dec. 12,15,16 - Candygram sales

Dec. 13 - School Concert (held in Centennial Auditorium)

Dec. 14 - Big Reds orders delivered to our gymnasium - pick up is 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

Dec. 22 - Candygrams delivered

Dec. 22 - Grad 9 intention sheets due from all grade 8's

Dec. 23 - last day of class before break

Jan. 1 - Happy New Year

Jan. 9 - First day of classes in 2023

Jan. 16 - School Council mtg.

Jan. 20 - PA Day



Welcome to Glendale Public School

Dec 1 Fundraiser @ M&M Meats - 10% comes back to Glendale

School Ventilation Improvement Measures

December Newsletter

The Importance of Regular Attendance

There is a tremendous amount of academic and social learning that goes on every day at school. Studies show that learning in a social setting, like a classroom is the best way for children to learn. When students are away regularly, they miss valuable pieces that build and contribute to their potential. We encourage our students to maintain regular attendance and we need your support, as the parent and care-giver, to make this a consistent reality. The hard work you do, to partner with us on this will pay huge dividends in their future success. Check out the link below on how quickly the minutes can add up!

How Much Does Attendance Matter?

Extra! Extra! The 2022-23 DSBN Elementary Calendar is Released

For those of you who might be planning events for the family for next year, DSBN has released the school year calendar for the coming school year. It will be posted here for the next couple of months, but we encourage you to print a copy for the fridge, so it is readily available.

Elementary DSBN Calendar for 2022 23